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Monday, July 15, 2013

Nice Letter from our friend Joan Ellis

Joan gave us a bag full of goodies, lots of yarn and some beautiful hand-quilts. So Missy emailed her asking if we could share her and her groups names, she very nicely replied with the following:

The name of our hand-quilting group is "Cleo's Quilters." We work on hand quilting tops that are brought to our group and we sandwich them and return to the owners to bind.  We charge for our work and the monies go to the Senior Center to help sponsor all their programs.
Mary Jo, our senior member has cancer herself, bone.  She had one breast removed over 20 years ago and thus the return of the cancer in her bones.  She is doing quite well, under the circumstances.  She is 83 years old.

Joan (pronounced JoAnn) is 82 years old.  Formerly of Boulder, she has been hand quilting a good number of years.  She does some sewing for other volunteer groups in the form of walker bags, and lap quilts. 

Myself, Joan Ellis, am fairly new to the quilting hobby.  Started when I retired, about eight years ago.  I had my own business of making window treatments, and some alterations.  Decided I needed to quilt, so absolved my business, which was mainly for friends and family.  My daughter, Kim, is doing well.  Just found out that she does not need chemo, only radiation.  So we are all hoping that she will not lose her hair.  Perhaps you can send me the instructions for a hat, as I might be interested in knitting one.

I did knit some new born hats for the Longmont Hospital a few years ago.  My wrists just gave out, so haven't done much knitting lately.  Also since my surgery this Wed. will be on my right elbow, I doubt I will be doing much of anything for about two months.

Anyway, keep up the good work.  Next time I'll try and connect with you in person.

Fondly, Just Joan

Thanks Joan, Mary Jo and Joan, you ladies are awesome. Blessings your way always.
Sincerely, Rocky Mountain Head Huggers

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