Chemo Caps Made and Donated 425 Lap Robes Made and Donated 21

About Us

Introduction of Rocky Mountain Head Huggers

Rocky Mountain Head Huggers is a Colorado based group for the nationwide organization of HeadHuggers.

We are always looking for volunteers who can knit, crochet, or sew! Our mission is to provide chemo hats and lap robes for cancer patients. We donate to the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center, local clinics, and the Ronald McDonald House.

Please help to make a difference by donating soft yarn or fabric or volunteer today! 

Contact the Founders:

Missy Miller
Cell: (720) 951-2856

Elizabeth Capetillo
Cell: (720) 675-3386


Dano said...

what a wonderful thing you provide, hats are beautiful and it is for a great cause, sooooo coool

Barbara said... have been very busy. I am so proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time, and you should also be proud of yourself. You and your group are bringing joy and blessings to others in every stitch you make.

Barbara said...

WOW....I am so proud of you, Missy. You have done so much in such a short period of time. Your group's commitment to making cancer patients more comfortable is truly admirable and, I am guessing, very rewarding for each of you.

Anonymous said...

I was getting chemo yesterday at RMCC in Longmont. It was chilly since the weather dropped to the fifties. As I was going to the bathroom I noticed the basket of hats with a beautiful multicolored hat on top, so I grabbed it to try on. It fit great over my scarf and kept my head warm through the treatment. I asked the nurses if they were to wear there or to take. They said you take them. So I brought it home. Love the bright colors!! Thank you Holy Comforter Church in Broomfield!