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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Disease Touches Us All

When I walked into the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center in Boulder Yesterday I just started thinking about all the people in my life that have been effected by Cancer.  This month will be the anniversary of my mother who died in 1996 of Breast Cancer.  I started thinking about my Grandmother, Great Aunt, Father, friends, both of my ex-husbands mothers all had Breast Cancer.  My partner Dan has also lost his mom and and grandmother from this deadly disease.  I am sure many of you can share my story and know how deeply it hurts when you think of those people that are fighting Cancer everyday.

Just knowing that we can help someone by donating a handmade hat or blanket to keep them warm makes all the difference.  We have donated 330 handmade hats and beautiful blankets that the wonderful volunteers have spent their time and energy making.  If you would like to donate yarn or a hat that you have made please contact Betty at 720-675-3386 or Myself at 720-951-2856.

Much Love, Missy

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