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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why We Choose To Help Others

 An amazing lady I met named Ingrid wrote the following about why she got involved in making the beautiful hats she has donated to Rocky Mountain Headhuggers:
Ever since I was young I have loved to knit - sweaters and scarves, hats and socks. I particularly enjoy knitting  items for family members and friends and giving them away as a token of my love. I spend many hours making these items and while I work I think of the person who will wear one and send them my blessings.
When I heard about RMHH I loved the idea of making hats for people with cancer. So I got to work, choosing the softest yarns I could find and patterns I hoped would please. As I sit and knit I think of the person who will eventually wear the hat and I send them all my good wishes and prayers. I may never meet any of these people but that does not matter - I feel that in our suffering we are all one, and so, in a way, I am still knitting for family and friends, sending them blessings and love.

Thanks Ingrid for all your support!

Much Love, Missy

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