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Saturday, June 1, 2013

All the way from Texas!

We received an email from a woman in Texas and here is what she wrote:

 Funny story, about almost 5 years ago, my only grandchild's (12) mother remarried and became preg with
twins. well big sister wanted to make them a little hat, so she purchased a loom kit and set to work. I became
involved at some point and I too decided to make a hat or two. Well to make a long story short I was addicted big
time, so I had to find an outlet for my heads to cover. That is when I found Headhuggers I have since sent over
2000 hats to a lot of different places and have taught a few other people to make hats too. I have not tired yet
and I think I will be on track this year for my 500! Alaska was keeping me very busy, so without them I had to
start finding a new outlet, so you are now going to be getting hats.
So unless your address is one headhuggers site I will need that, but I will start a box and have it going in no
Thanks for letting me join the fun.
Betty and I were so surprised yesterday when we received a box with ten beautiful hats in it from TEXAS!

Thank you, Peg 

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