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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Another Caring Volunteer

I received an email from a lovely lady named Helen that I met at my Thursday knitting group.  I wondered what happened to her?  Here is what she wrote:

Hi missy, 
I met you at the group in Broomfield  but lost your e mail!   I have made a few chemo hats but it has been difficult to get to Broomfield on Thursdays because of work. I also have some yarn to donate. Where are you located?  I live and work in boulder.  Thanks, Helen

I was so pleased when she brought me the gorgeous hats she made.  They are being donated to Rocky Mountain Cancer Center in Thornton!  Thank you Helen and everyone that puts their heart and soul into helping a chemo patient feel loved and thought of by making a hat for them. 

Much Love, Missy

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