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Friday, July 25, 2014

When We Make A Difference

On Wednesday of this week I took Dans Dad for his last radiation treatment. Before we went we stopped at the Ronald McDonald House and dropped off chemo hats for the children that are fighting this horrible disease. Yesterday I went to the Women's Gathering group and Gerda and Judy had 24 beautiful chemo hats ready for me. Today, I went to a incredible  94 year old woman's house named Dorothy and picked up some beautiful crocheted lap blankets.  The hard work and loving hands that make all of these items makes this all possible.  I went to Rocky Mountain Cancer Center in Boulder to drop these hats and blankets off. When I got there the beautiful Lady Debbie told me about a card that a patient left in the basket that we fill up every few weeks.This card touched my heart so much! It said thank you for the hat and how much she appreciated all we do and a picture of her wearing it. I really am truly blessed with everyone I come in contact with and so happy what We do makes a difference!

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