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Thursday, January 16, 2014

A letter from a friend



January 16, 2014


Dear Missy,

I’ve meant for a long time to put into writing why I was so drawn to Rocky Mtn. Headhuggers. I’ve told you some of my story but I’d like to let others know why this group is so important to me.

In May of 2005 my husband was diagnosed with leukemia--AML--and lived just seven months. During his treatment he went thru 2 long stays in the hospital for chemo treatment--the first time for one month and the second time for 6 weeks during which, of course he lost all his hair (and his beard, part of what made him so handsome to me!)

I knew he was self conscious about his bald head (it was before being bald was fashionable for men) and I brought to the hospital some hats he had from home and even bought a type of bandanna that I think the bikers call a “dew rag”. Nothing looked nice.

I never thought to try to make him a cap. It had been years since I had done any crocheting and with trying to keep everything going at home and job and drive back and forth to the hospital--about fifty miles each way several times a week-- I wasn’t feeling very creative.

When I moved to Broomfield a few years ago I found a wonderful group that makes hats, scarves, mittens etc. to give to various groups who help the needy. I started crocheting again and loved feeling like I was actually helping people and not just dabbling in some hobby.

When you joined the group and I first heard about the Headhuggers I felt this was something I could really relate to and understood what a need there was to help make people who had lost their hair feel a little more attractive. And for children, by using bright colorful fleeces for caps, maybe bring a little silliness and fun into their lives when they’re wearing their caps.

So, THANKS Missy for all your time and effort in starting and maintaining this great group!


        Lavonna O'Korn

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