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Friday, November 8, 2013

Working Together

Helping each other is what makes this work. This lovely lady above name is Sharon. She has a group of friends that knit and crochet chemo hats. They are from Flat irons Church in Lafayette and their name of their group is Warm Up Flatirons. Thank you for helping! The hats are Beautiful!

This beautiful woman's name is Lisa. A few months back I had the privilege of meeting a woman who had a very dear friend that died of cancer and donated all her yarn and tools to friends and our group. Lisa was one of the woman that received the yarn. She made these gorgeous chemo hats and now they will go back to the treatment center were the friend was receiving treatment at. People don't realize sometimes how much a skein of yarn and pair of beautiful and loving hands can matter so much!  

Much Love, Missy

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