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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Head Huggers In the Daily Camera


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Boulder County pair teams to create comfort for patients
Posted:  05/05/2013 5:00 PM
How to help What: Rocky Mountain Head Huggers
More info:
When Colorado residents lose their hair to cancer, brain surgery, burns and more, they can turn to the Rocky Mountain Head Huggers.
That group, founded by Missy Miller and Elizabeth Capetillo in January, aims to provide knitted and crocheted hats and lap rugs, or blankets for patients to make their experience with cancer and other health issues a little more comfortable.
As of April 29, Miller, Capetillo and over 30 members completed 139 chemo caps and 21 lap robes since February. Those caps are seeing high demand. Miller said that she recently dropped off 30 caps at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center, and only one remained at the end of the day.
Miller and Capetillo were both inspired to start the group because of personal contact with cancer in their lives. Miller's mom, dad, aunt and grandmother all battled breast cancer or lung cancer, and Capetillo's dad is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

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