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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Angel

My brother Mitch and his family came to visit a few weeks ago.  He has been there for me all my life and especially the last few years. I can never repay him for the support and love he has given me. When he was here he donated 30 skeins of yarn!!! While I was staying in California with him I decided to learn to knit.  He was there to support me and put up with yarn  unraveled all over his floor.  I came back to Colorado last August and my knitting obsession continued.  Then, my sister and brother in law had to put up with my new obsession.  The wonderful sister she is said how proud she was of me and supported me.  In January 2013 I decided to start a satellite group called Rocky Mountain Headhuggers.  Betty and I worked together and my beautiful daughter Chelsea created our blog.  I want to thank my family and wonderful boyfriend Dan for helping me with my dreams.  I love you all!  As of April 23, 2013 we have delivered 111 chemo caps!

Much Love, Missy

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