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Friday, March 29, 2013

I found some information I thought of sharing, found it at, enjoy... Elizabeth

Early History of Crochet

The history of crochet tells us it may have been done in the beginning using only the fingers rather than today's hook method. Eventually, primitive bent needles with cork handles were used. Later, crochet hooks were carved of wood, ivory or bone and eventually made of silver, brass, or steel. In the beginning, hooks were not sized as they are today.

The Beginnings of Crochet

Since there are no known records or actual crocheted items dating to much earlier than 1800, no one is completely sure when and where the history of crochet first began. It has been suggested that early crochet evolved from another form of stitching called Tambour which involved yarn loops being pulled through fabric. By eliminating the fabric, crochet "in the air" may have been born.
The earliest written reference to crochet seems to be a mention of something called "shepherd's knitting" in The Memoirs of a Highland Lady by Elizabeth Grant in 1812. The first published patterns appeared in 1824 in the Dutch magazine, Penelope, and in 1842 Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere began publishing complex patterns and instructions for crochet that resembled bobbin lace and needle lace.
In crochet's early days, it was considered a pastime of the upper class, whereby they could create delicate and detailed items to decorate their homes or their clothing. The rich felt that the lower classes didn't need the luxury of decorative household items or fancy clothes, so the poor were generally discouraged or even prohibited from learning crochet. Instead they were encouraged to knit in order to make basic necessities or repair socks and other apparel.

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